“Reflecting Absence” by Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter Walker has been selected as the World Trade Center Memorial. The exhibition showcasing the model of the memorial design and video is on display at the Winter Garden in The World Financial Center from 10am –10pm daily. Below is an extract from a letter sent by Michael Arad to family members:

‘With this design, I have tried to find a way to convey the terrible nature of the tragedy and also the courage and generosity that brought so many people together. I have imagined a great plaza in which two large voids would be inscribed, symbolic depictions of absence and loss. At the bottom of these voids would be reflecting memorial pools, 30 feet below the plaza, ringed with the thousands of names of the deceased. Water would cascade down the walls enclosing each pool, and from where there would continue towards a void at the center of each pool.

‘Passageways leading underground along an exposed section of the surviving slurry wall would gradually remove visitors from the sights and sounds of the city and bring them into the quiet and contemplative space below ground. A memorial space for the unidentified remains located 80 feet below the plaza, at bedrock, would serve as a private place for memory, open to family members only. Above ground, an open and landscaped plaza, designed with Peter Walker, provides a park-like space that expresses changes in season and speaks of hope and rebirth.’

Further details of the design can be seen on the LMDC website www.renewnyc.com


On February 27, 2003, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced the final proposed plan for the World Trade Centre site. Memory Foundations by Studio Daniel Libeskind creates a powerful setting for the World Trade Centre Site Memorial. Studio Libeskind’s inspirational design leaves portions of the slurry wall exposed and reserves a majestic setting for a world-class memorial in the area known as the bathtub. For a detailed description of the Memory Foundations plan, please visit our website at www.renewnyc.com.

 An extract taken from LMDC website

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The Secretary of S11UKFSG, Mr Les Gilligan conveyed the Group members’ views in a letter dated 13th August 2002 to Mr Louis R Tomson at the LMDC in which he states:

Our members have not had the opportunity to view detailed plans and proposals but are united in their views and want you to be aware of them, as follows;

  • Tower No 1 & No 2 Footprints (bases) shall be permanently preserved as Memorial Parks to the Victims
  • The Tower Footprints are hallowed/sacred ground. For many families, it will represent the final resting place of their loved ones.
  • The Memorials should also include an appropriate and proportional reference to victims of all nationalities.

Find out what other US Family Groups are doing: www.memorialfor911.com


Update from Office of the Chief Medical Examiner 21st September 2006

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