Simon Turner

Simon Turner was one of the 16 Risk Waters Group staff whose lives were lost in the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York.

It is difficult to know where to start in trying to convey Simon’s importance to the success story not only of this publication but to Risk Waters Group as a whole.

Although he had moved on to greater things within the company, becoming a board director in February 2001, Simon was key to the growth of EPRM.

In August 1995 he became advertising managing of Energy Risk – the newsletter that preceded EPRM magazine. The following five years saw EPRM grow rapidly from a newsletter to a formidable monthly magazine. During that time Simon, who had since become publisher, recruited much of the team that still works for the magazine today.

All the while, Simon’s enthusiasm, warmth and energy encouraged, inspired and motivated those around him and helped EPRM achieve higher and higher levels of success with each year.
EPRM’s success was mirrored by that of the company and in June 1999 Risk Publications acquired Waters Information Services. Simon was instrumental in integrating both businesses, and this led to his next role as publishing director of Waters. He remained an associate publisher of EPRM, and was never short of supportive words and suggestions to the magazine’s staff.

Outside Risk Waters Group, Simon had a long involvement with the army, in particular the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC), of which he was an active member, and where his abilities and enthusiasm won him a great deal of praise, respect and affection. This military background gave him a keen eye for detail and a certainty that there was a right way of doing things. All those who have worked closely with him at Risk Waters will have experienced and been challenged by his dedication and determination to see a task through to its conclusion.
As a loving husband and father-to-be, Simon’s eager expectation of the birth of his first child in November this year was apparent. Simon had achieved so much, but there can be no doubt that marriage and the prospect of fatherhood filled him with the greatest pleasure and the most satisfaction of all.

For his friends and colleagues Simon will be best remembered for being Simon – that combination of enthusiasm, social ability and steadfast, considerate friendship. As the chaplain at the HAC says:"I am sure that wherever Simon is now he will have already arranged the first cocktail party."

Elizabeth Turner (Wife)