Oliver Bennett

Oli was the younger of Joy and Adrian Bennett’s two sons. He was born in Queen Charlottes Hospital London and was brought up in Buckinghamshire. He was a pupil at Westminster school London 1985-1990 then St. Andrews University 1991- 1995 from where he graduated with an honours degree in Psychology.

He joined Risk Waters Publication in 1997 working in London and in November 2000 moved to New York where he worked with them as a financial journalist, having gained an expertise in 'futures and derivatives ' and wrote knowledgably about them. He was returning to continue his career in journalism in London in October 2001. His published articles appear in the Risk Magazine.

Oli was immensely entertaining, both within his family and to his many friends.

All the tributes speak of his kindness, empathy, ability to listen to others, guide and advise without any pomp or making any demands for himself. He was always positive and decisive in his decision making and never afraid to take on any challenge.

His interests included painting, for which he had immense talent, his love of walking his beloved labrador, skiing in the French Alps and being with his family and friends.

He was a devoted brother to Justin who with Sally, Justin's wife, gave Oli
his first nephew, in April 2001.Christophers arrival gave Oli huge pleasure and pride, he would carry his photograph and show it to everyone with glee. Oli met Chris twice, both times Oli making a very real connection with his nephew. Oli is missed by us all and Chris will be told what an outstanding uncle he had and never knew.

In Oli's memory and with his young friends we have set up a trust to encourage young people in their endeavours. This has given us his parents some comfort in taking Oli 's name forward in a positive way and keeps us in contact with his contemporaries who also miss him so much. There is a web site for the Trust, which outlines it objectives; www.olibennett.org.uk

We are supported in our loss by the links we have made with other grieving families of the September 11th tragedy, the commonality of our grief helps in some way.

Joy and Adrian Bennett