Dinah Webster

"Dinah had a great capacity for making the world around her a brighter and more exciting place. She had a gift for seeing the funny side of life and was a great mimic when relating some of her more hilarious experiences.

Kindness and generosity were also in abundance. Dinah never lost an opportunity to plan treats for family and friends, whether it was her famous hospitality or sending a little gift and card of remembrance from afar.

Not to make Dinah sound too saintly, which she was not, she could occasionally be exasperating! Her mind was so full of things she wanted to do that she would arrange more than could possibly be fitted into her hectic schedule. Plans were made and remade, so that keeping up with her could be exhausting. However, as soon as she arrived all the upheaval would be forgiven in the sheer pleasure of being with her.

Going out with Dinah was an experience never to be forgotten - it was amazing how things seemed to materialise in her favour - the parking spot becoming vacant as she arrived, likewise the table at Fortnum's for tea.

There was an indefinable quality about Dinah that made people happy to please her, and her smile added a ray of sunshine to many whose lives she touched even briefly. Saying this reminds me of a remark made by an Estate Agent who had sold a house for Dinah several years earlier. On hearing the news about 11th September from a mutual acquaintance, who said "I don't suppose you remember Dinah", his response was "I will never forget Dinah, I have never had so much fun when selling a property."

The photograph of Dinah I have chosen here was taken at the Reception following the Wedding of her cousin Steven and Mary on 11th September 1993.Ironically, this happy day
contrasted with my 70th birthday on 11th September 2001.

Although we are desolate not to have Dinah still in our midst, her presence and memories are all around us with an intensity even greater than when we thought that time was on our side. Events proved otherwise, but the love left behind can never be diminished. Dinah's bright light outshines the darkness."

Mary Jolliffe (Aunt)

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