Kevin Dennis

Kevin who was killed in the North Tower working for Cantor Fitzgerald was my only child. He was the light of my life, that light has now gone out.

He was a very good son, very caring and always there for me. I was very proud of him, especially his success in America. He was 43 when he lost his life, but such a full life. He had lived in the States from the age of 22 and became an American Citizen.

Although he was living the American Dream and loved America, he never forgot his roots, a cockney lad made good. I know he missed his football so much that when a match was on TV he would ring and say "put the phone near the TV mum, so I can listen to the match". What I miss most now is his long weekly telephone calls and they were long, keeping me up to date on his life and wanting to know about mine.

Kevin had two wonderful boys, they were nearly seven at his death and I feel so much for their loss, he was a great dad and they idolised him. I was out there looking after them for 4 weeks, 6 weeks before September 11th and I noticed how much he was involved in their lives. I always had to take the latest Everton Kit over for them, as Kev was an Everton Supporter. The boys were also at the stage where they tried to mimic his English Accent and Kev thought that was hilarious.

My one consolation is that although we were miles apart my son made sure I was always to be part of his family and he never let me forget that. He even had special quarters (living area) for me in his home and always wanting me to visit. All my memories, I will cherish forever. Especially the 7 years I had with his boys as I have not seen them since September 11th.

Patricia Bingley (Mother)

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